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Cleaning Tips for Those Playing the Flute

A dirty instrument speaks of a bad musician. Every aspiring musician or instrumentalist should first learn to care for their instruments. These would also be taught to you during your flute lessons. Maintaining it properly at the right time would take very little effort, time and cost […]

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How to Approach Flute Lessons for Adults

As flute teacher, you might have a certain curriculum and a method of teaching. But you will soon find that all students are not the same. Some are more gifted than others and some are more dedicated than others. You will have to approach each student in […]

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YouTube: Flute cover of 7 Years (Luke Graham) by Melissa.Flutes

Wow! She plays the flute to Luke Graham’s “7 Years” beautifully.

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Benefits for Children Learning the Flute

Benefits for Children Learning the Flute   There are many reasons children or adults want to learn a musical instrument, and many reasons why they might want to learn the flute. The most common reason is that they either know someone who plays it or have developed […]

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Why Take Flute Lessons

Why Take Flute Lessons   The flute is an instrument which can provide the sweetest sounds ever. The most common choice of instrument for an aspiring musician would be the guitar or the violin. Those who choose the flute are rewarded beyond anything they would have ever […]

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Quick and Easy Tips for Beginner Student of Flute Lessons

Quick and Easy Tips for Beginner Student of Flute Lessons   In any learning endeavor, you may not get it right the first time.  Practice makes perfect, so they say. But what if you practiced the wrong way?  As a beginner in flute lessons, it is important […]

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Flute Lessons: Tips for Flute Teachers

Flute Lessons:  Tips for Flute Teachers   As a flute teacher, you might opt to teach different levels of students. Each level of learning requires a different method of teaching, and a completely different approach to handling the students. With advanced students, you can just help them […]

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Challenges Flute Players Face – Part II

Challenges Flute Players Face – Part II   As discussed in the previous article that can be found here,, challenges are part and parcel of being a flutist. Knowing how to overcome these challenges so that they don’t bog you down is important, especially if you […]

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Challenges Flute Players Face – Part I

Challenges Flute Players Face – Part I   While watching an expert playing the flute, it might appear effortless and easy on the surface. But while the flute is a gorgeous instrument that lends itself to all kinds of music, it is not always easy to master. […]

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Flute Lessons: Caring for Your Flute

Flute Lessons: Caring for Your Flute No matter how sturdy an instrument you have, it still requires regular cleaning, maintenance and caring. If a flute is your instrument of choice, then you need to make sure that it is well maintained so that it can serve you […]

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